A-Z Genova

Available online soon

The brilliant A-Z Genova project - 26 urban interactions in 2 days. The starting point for the work was asking the question of whether a City was in decline, in this case Genova and if people’s interpretation shapes their reality, then can you tweak perception to mediate change.

" Using the alphabet as a frame is grounded in the Italian phrase "dalla a alla zeta" that means to change everything from head to toe. Each letter represents a theme of the city, and within each one an ephemeral interaction was created. Over a period of two days the alphabet was covered to provoke new perspectives on the chosen themes, and therein a Genoese metamorphosis "from A to Z"."

All of the interactions were conceived using minimal resources to showcase how a do-it-yourself approach can plant the seeds for a dialogue about a city. This started in Genova but is already being taken to other cities and the team have created a tool box so more people can participate in re-working their cities.