Dearest Scotland

Available online soon

In the corner of the Civic Shop we have our very own letterbox. It's part of Dearest Scotland,with letter writing kits close by, so that anybody wanting to write a letter can do so straight away and post if off to the Dearest Scotland HQ in Glasgow.

Dearest Scotland is an apolitical campaign focused on crowdsourcing future visions for Scotland for a common good, a place where letters to the future of the country are collected, published and shared with the world. The ultimate aim has been to give a platform to citizens’ voices that were so skewed and misrepresented by the National press in the run up to the referendum. More importantly though, this began way before the Referendum and is continuing way beyond it. The Civic Shop loves this project for the way it is surfacing a wider and diverse voice and also tapping in to the imagination of a Nation and beyond.