Kind Signs

Available online soon

KindSigns is a movement using signage as a force for good, started by the Noun Project.

" Since the first urban environments of the Roman Empire, signs have been used to direct, lead, and inform our behaviour. These primitive communication tools have stood the test of time because they can deliver a concise message at a specific location and communicate a complex message in a blink of an eye, all in a universal way that everyone can understand.

Unfortunately, the messages communicated through these incredibly powerful visual tools are all too often bland, boring, and uninspiring. KindSigns is changing this by creating signage that communicates personalized provocative messages that will challenge, inspire and delight."

Civic Shop will be the first to collaborate with the Noun Project outside of the US, hosting a workshop(s) here for the first time at the end of March. If you want to come and design your own signs, see them turned in to polished vector icons and printed on to aluminium, then sign up here.

We love the idea that these sign ideas will be added to the huge library of visual language that the Noun Project has been building but we are even more excited about there being physical signs that you can put up all over the place!

Imagine too if we start theming workshops around care homes, libraries, local parks, the City etc....distributing civic knowledge and giving places new meaning.