Commons Transition

Available online soon

Given that Michel Bauwens has been talking at Nesta's #futurefest this morning and we are a huge fan of his work here at the Civic Shop, today we're featuring the Commons Transition books that we have in stock.

Michel Bauwens was the founder of the P2P Foundation which recently launched a new website, the Commons Transition Platform,  as a central repository for policy ideas that help promote a wide variety of commons and peer-to-peer dynamics.  The site represents a new, more coordinated stage of activism in this area – collecting practical policy proposals for legally authorizing and encouraging the creation of new commons.

The website is a database of “practical experiences and policy proposals aimed toward achieving a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal organisation.”  The idea is to begin to outline how policies could bring about and support a commons-based civil society, with a special focus on how collaborative stewardship of shared resources can be achieved.

If you are interested in the commons then we suggest taking some time to read through all the brilliant material on this site  - - it's also where you will be able to download the book for free.